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Welcome to Refined Renovations of Oakville.

Formerly known as Suntech, Refined Renovations has been providing high-quality and cost-effective home renovations to residents of Oakville, South Mississauga and South Burlington since 1991. Quality craftsmanship with our "Built to Last" guarantee is delivered to you by a professional and service oriented organization. We share your passion for home improvements and strive to make your renovation as rewarding as possible. To do so, we limit the number of concurrent remodelling projects so that you receive individual attention from the beginning of your project right through to successful completion. Our website is designed to answer your questions about our company, the building industry and the quality of our work. Please visit the various pages here on our site, or go right to our Gallery to see how we can help you to "Upgrade Your Lifestyle."

“Customer satisfaction and our “Built to Last” guarantee have allowed our business to thrive on referrals. Word of mouth is our best advertising, and we have grown one customer at a time by exceeding expectations. Let us earn your trust, and your referral."

– Mike Manning, President

Projects & Blog Posts

  • Updated Bathroom

    A brand new bathroom.

  • Elegant Kitchen

    This homeowner wanted an elegant kitchen with a modern, executive look including richer colors, a great lighting plan, and enhanced functionality.  Refined Renovations was happy to work closely with the client to create the kitchen of her dreams.

  • Curb Appeal

    A whole new exterior.

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